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Unless they’re perched high on a ladder, scooping rotting leaves from their roof-side rain-catchers, many homeowners do not have their gutters front-of-mind. That’s understandable, but unfortunately, a lot can go wrong from clogged gutters, as we’ve discussed here and there. That being said, the things that cause those clogs should be on the mind a little more, since the damage they can cause is quite serious. At least, until you get a gutter guard system installed, such as the GutterDome® – because then you’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters again!

Here are some of the common things that can clog your gutters:

Plant Debris

Leaves, sticks, moss, helicopter seeds, pine needles, and other plant debris are the first and most common item to clog your gutters. Without a gutter guard system in place, you can be sure to find gutters stuffed with wet leaves, small plant branches and other vegetal refuse dropped from nearby trees, carried by the wind, or driven down your roof by rainwater.

Insects & Nests

A variety of Pacific Northwest insects and rodents love damp, wet places for their nests or for prime food-finding spots. Unfortunately, this means that mosquito larvae, carpenter ants, dampwood termites, and moisture ants can get busy doing their thing in your gutters and surrounding roof area. While this activity doesn’t always cause clogs (usually insect damage happens after a clog), insect carcasses and the havoc caused by their destruction can contribute to a clog. Other pests such as roof rats, squirrels, hornets, and more can cause gutter-clogging problems with their nests.


Balls, frisbees birdies and other outdoor game materials can easily get thrown up onto your roof by accident, and then travel downward to get stuck in the gutter. Your kids may not realize or forget that their gaming item has gotten stuck, or they may try to avoid punishment by neglecting to inform you of the blockage. And what about those outdoor play mishaps by neighbor kids? Lots of toys and games can fall into your gutters and get stuck.

Contact #1 roofing company in Tacoma, WA us to learn more about the GutterDome®, which is an innovative gutter guard system that will keep you from ever having to deal with these things and their gutter-clogging capabilities again!

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