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The Most Extraordinary Attractions to Visit in Tacoma, WA

Attractions are essential for many reasons, and one of them is that you get an unforgettable experience and education while promoting tourism and supporting local economies. You can visit museums, galleries, the city’s famous architecture, parks and so on. You can discover something worth seeing in any city because each has its unique collection of landmarks and attractions for which it is known. Furthermore, while visiting places, you can meet people with whom you instantly click, and these people can become your lifelong friends. In addition, if we look at it from the economic side, you will contribute to a region’s economic development, leading to job opportunities or generating revenue.

Museum of Glass

The Museum of Glass in Tacoma is the West Coast’s most significant museum glass studio. It was opened in 2002 and is regarded as a prominent art museum dedicated to glass art and glassmaking. One interesting fact about this museum is that it has showcased over 140 exhibitions since it opened its doors. It featured glass art professionals, such as Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra, and Preston Singletary. Furthermore, if you’re interested in this art form, they have a program called HotShop where you can watch glassblowers while they create stunning works of art. In addition, just a few miles away, you can see a bridge decorated with glass installation by previously mentioned artist Dale Chihuly.

Point Defiance Park

The origin of this park dates back to 1888, and for visitors provides a unique opportunity to be a part of history while spending time grounded in nature. This park has many attractions, but we will talk about gardens and zoos because we can’t count them all. If you love animals or your children love animals, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is the ideal place to visit. The zoo features some of the most magical animals, including tigers, polar bears, and rich marine life. The second attraction we have to mention is the Gardens which showcases the most wonderful rose garden, and a Japanese garden, which you can enjoy, especially in early spring. Furthermore, the park will astonish you with its thriving plant life if you love plants.

Browns Point Lighthouse Park

Browns Point Lighthouse Park extends to 4.03 acres on the historic Browns Point with an ample space that serves as a place to escape the everyday busy life. In addition, you can experience a life of a lighthouse keeper by spending one week on tour in the Light Keeper’s Cottage. Apart from the lighthouse, the park includes a playground for outdoor activities, picnic spots where you can spend quality time with loved ones, a waterfront, and a beach.


Attractions provide us with extensive benefits beyond mere amusement and relaxation. They allow us to expand our knowledge, make new friends, and try exciting activities. Thus, if you want to use your free time to explore, visit some of these places.

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