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Enjoy a Good Show in Some of the Outstanding Theaters in Tacoma, WA

Theaters are considered a dying art today, but is it really so? Think about it – when was the last time you enjoyed an amusing play? Probably when you were a kid on a school trip, and you’ve probably had a great time.

How times change, right? Well, not really. As you grow older, you begin to understand this form of art differently, and you start to value artists such as Shakespeare or Mozart. Theaters are highly inspirational places where you can awaken your inner child that slept for so long and escape the reality of busy, adult life that can sometimes be hard. If you think theaters are not for you, have you given them a chance recently? If you haven’t, we highly recommend you give it a shot because you won’t be disappointed. And if the theatre disappoints you, which is not likely, you can always visit a restaurant and enjoy the food.

Theater on the Square

Managed under the Tacoma Venues & Events, Theater on the Square is just one of the three theaters under their supervision – the others are Pantages and Rialto Theaters. It has 302 seats for visitors, and they offer a variety of shows each season, including ballet, musicals, concerts, and so on. In addition, they are also known for exhibiting both international and local performers, which is probably why this theatre is so popular.

Blue Mouse Theatre

The Blue Mouse Theatre opened its door in 1923 with a melodrama called The Green Goddess. This was the first ever “picture show” projected on a theatre’s screen, and it was immediately called the “Finest Suburban Theater in the Northwest”. Over the years, the theatre was multiple times purchased and renamed; the Proctor Theater, then the Bijou, and finally, in 1993, it was renamed the Blue Mouse Theatre. The theatre’s name comes from a group of volunteers who thought the theatre was in danger of being demolished, and they formed the Blue Mouse Theatre Foundation, which owns and operates this cultural institution.

Tacoma Little Theatre

As one of the oldest theatres in this area, Tacoma Little Theatre was established in 1918 with a goal to entertain and educate its audience. The theatre is well-known for its outstanding performances, thanks to the talented and committed volunteers who work both on and offstage in order to provide the best experience imaginable. In addition, they host various educational programs that include practicing skills and methods of performance art while working on self-esteem, communication, and so much more!


To conclude, theaters allow performers and writers to communicate with an audience in a personal and direct way that is impossible in other artistic mediums. In addition, performances not only entertain audiences but also help bring together people within a community. So, if you plan a vacation in beautiful Tacoma, WA, we encourage you to visit some of the finest theatres in town!

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