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As we’ve covered before, it’s pretty clear why Valor Gutter Guard is the number one solution for gutter guards in the Portland, Oregon area! But with an innovative and state-of-the-art approach, how does Valor Gutter Guard stack up against the competition? Foam inserts, plastic mesh, and brush gutter guards advertise their ability to keep your gutters clear, but how do they actually perform under pressure?


Throughout our experience in the gutter guard industry, we’ve seen every type of gutter guard come and go. Foam gutter guards are no except. Compared to a Valor Gutter Guard system, these cheap gutter inserts may filter out debris, but they tend to clog up and even mold or rot over time. Not ideal for a product that’s supposed to keep your gutters clear, not the other way around.


Metal, fabric, or plastic mesh gutter guards are hit or miss as far as effectiveness goes. The higher quality the manufacturing and construction is, the better results you’ll get, generally speaking. Valor Gutter Guard is specifically designed to trap water and moisture while simultaneously filtering out debris off your roof and out of your gutters.


These make no sense to us at all. Brush-style gutter guards trap both small and large debris, require complete removal in order to clean your gutters, and they attract small animals because they mimic a nesting environment. They’re a cheap solution to a short-term problem, but in the long run you’ll probably end up ripping them off your gutters entirely.

Valor Gutter Guard performs as advertised – it works, period! Contact Gutter Solutions Northwest today to find out more about the best gutter guard that’s specifically designed for the Portland area.

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