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MetalWorks® steel shingles add a lot of benefit to your home in performance, energy-efficiency, aesthetics, and more – as we have discussed on the blog before. The shingles, which are manufactured by Tamko® Building Products, come in three types of quality steel shingles:

StoneCrest® Slate

All of MetalWorks’ steel shingles are made in ENERGY STAR qualified cool colors, and this includes the StoneCrest Slate shingles. These materials are manufactured with G-90 steel that is durable, 100 percent recyclable, fade- and fire-resistant, and lightweight. The slate tiles are double-stamped to look more dramatic, and more closely replicate the finish and characteristics of natural slate. These steel shingles from MetalWorks are made with heavier-gauge steel. They are available in several colors, including Quaker Green, Sierra Slate Grey, Vermont Blue, and River Rock Brown.

StoneCrest® Tile

Also constructed from G-90 steel and up to 50 percent recycled material, the StoneCrest Tile roofing undergoes a special coating process that allows the tiles to resist dirt and environmental aging. They are designed specifically to recreate the smooth, uniform look of authentic tile roofing. The Tile steel shingles from MetalWorks are completely recyclable, and come in ENERGY STAR qualified cool colors such as Quaker Green, Sierra Slate Grey, and Vermont Blue.


The G-90 steel construction, ENERGY STAR colors, 100 percent recyclable qualities, durability and element- and environment-resistant nature of the StoneCrest Slate and Tile roofing also apply to AstonWood. Although they are steel shingles, the AstonWood roofing replicates the warmth, visual aesthetic, and hand-hewn texture of cedar wood shingles. This look, combined with the strength of galvanized steel shingles, results in the best quality roofing. AstonWood comes in ENERGY STAR colors such as Forest Green, River Rock Brown, Sierra Slate Grey, Timber Brown, Vermont Blue, Brite Red, and Canyon Copper Bronze. These three types of quality steel shingles can significantly improve the security, value, and appearance of your home. Contact us for high-quality roofing solutions with MetalWorks steel shingles!

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