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Each roof’s purpose – among many other things – is to have a solid drainage system that’ll keep water and debris from gathering on your building. That’s why you can’t just install any old roof that’s visually appealing to you – you have to find a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient for your home. Washington has a lot of rich, historical architecture. We’ll help you explore the five roof styles that are most commonly found throughout our vibrant state, so that you can find the perfect roof that matches your neighborhood’s character and climate. We’ll go into detail on the following roofs:

  • Gable Roofs,
  • Hip Roofs,
  • Gambrel Roofs,
  • Shed Roofs and
  • A-Frame Roofs.

The Most Popular Roof Styles in Washington


Gable roofs are easily recognizable by their simple, triangular design. They have two sides that meet at a ridge, forming a gable at each end (back to front). Simple yet effective, this roof is known for its affordability and relatively easy build.


Another popular design is hip roofs. In contrast to gable roofs, hipped roof houses have four sides that join at the ridge. If you want to visualize this even more, imagine a gable roof with two more sides in the back and front. A hip roof is ideal for places that experience plenty of snow and high winds.


A gambrel roof has two proportional sides – the upper slope is shallow, and the lower slope is steep. To simplify this even more, the design is similar to gable roofs but has two more pitches on each side. Apart from being a staple of residential homes, gambrel roofs can be seen on many barns as well.


Unlike a gable roof, a shed or a skillion roof has a single slope that leans to one side. If you don’t want your roof to look “ordinary,” a shed roof is worth considering as it matches well with modern-looking houses.


The design of this roof is similar to a gable roof, but the two slopes are joined at a smaller angle, creating the letter “A.” In some cases, slopes can extend almost to the ground. An A-frame roof is ideal for vacation lofts or cottages in snowy areas, as the design helps any accumulated snow slide right off the building.

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You opened our blog because you were interested in the different roof styles you may have seen throughout Washington State. Well, we hope you found what you were looking for! However, we’ve only just scratched the surface. There’s so much more to say; one blog can’t possibly cover everything there is on the subject. We hope we’ve ignited a thirst for further research in you regardless! If you’re looking to build a new roof, you may require authorization to install specific roofs. It’s thus imperative you talk to your local and licensed roofing contractors, who will check these regulations for you. Living in Auburn and want to tackle a new construction project? Need a roof replacement or installation service? Contact Gutter & Roof Solutions NW today, the #1 roofing company in Auburn, WA.

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