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The Best Restaurants in Tacoma, WA

Going to a restaurant is always a suitable option whenever you have too little time to prepare lunch. Thankfully, Tacoma boasts some of the finest dining choices in Washington. This city is blooming with an extensive culinary scene that offers a wide array of eateries you can choose from. So whether you’re a traditional American or international cuisine fan, you will find something in this area to satisfy your craving. If you are planning to stay in this city, there are great hotels in this beautiful city near the restaurants that we will feature in this article, so keep reading if you plan to dine out during your stay.

Wooden City Tacoma

Downtown Tacoma, WA, is home to the well-known restaurant and bar Wooden City, and it’s no wonder why. This place is welcoming and inviting, with an atmosphere that combines rustic charm and urban sophistication. Their menu is impressive, with many dishes you can try. In addition, if you get thirsty after a pleasant meal, you can choose from a wide range of beverages from their extensive bar that will quench your thirst. Furthermore, if you’re planning an event, this restaurant might be the solution you need.

Elmer’s Restaurant

Since they opened their business in 1960, Walt and Dorothy Elmer’s passion has been to serve the local community with some of the best dishes you can find. It was initially a breakfast and brunch eatery, but it eventually added lunch and dinner offerings and changed its name to Elmer’s Pancake & Steakhouse. Elmer’s started their first franchise in 1966, and they have continued to grow ever since.


Asado is the only Argentina-themed steakhouse and a staple restaurant in Tacoma, WA, and they serve some of Argentina’s best meals. The ambient has low lightning by night and is bright throughout the day, so the atmosphere is pleasant depending on the time of day. The name comes from the word “asado”, which is equivalent to American patio barbecue.

Pomodoro Italian Restaurant & Bar

In this restaurant, you can expect a relaxed and friendly ambiance, a pleasant and kind staff, an open-concept kitchen, and seats available on the sidewalk, amongst many other benefits. Pomodoro Italian Restaurant & Bar is known for serving mouthwatering dishes, but their wine list is equally excellent. Wines, beers, and cocktails, amongst other beverages, are available to complement your meal at this restaurant.


To conclude, the city of Tacoma, WA, is home to diverse gastronomy cuisines that offer a wide range of dining options suitable for customers of all income levels. So, no matter if you are looking for a casual dinner or a romantic one, Tacoma’s restaurants will provide a warm ambiance perfect for any gathering. This town is a veritable paradise for food lovers, and we highly recommend you visit some of the destinations we mentioned if you find yourself in Tacoma.

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