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In this business, we hear a lot of gutter-talk about various types, new innovations, and accessories in the world of gutters. Gutter guard systems of all levels of invention began to appear in screen form in the early 1900s, and a later gutter invention came in the 1960s in the form of seamless gutters.

On first thought, the idea of seamless gutters seems (pardon the pun!) fantastic. The whole idea of gutters is to successfully transport rainwater from the edge of the roof to the ground and away from your home or structure to prevent water damage. If the gutters are seamless, they must be better at transporting that rainwater without leaks at the seams, right?

Actually, ‘seamless’ gutters do have seams – at either end, at the outlet tube(s), at the corners. All of these areas can develop leaks. The difference between a classic sectional gutter and seamless gutters is in length. Sectional gutters are smaller lengths of gutters that are linked together, whereas seamless gutters are made and installed as one single piece, with the corners being the only joints.

Despite the fact that seamless gutters are not actually without seams, there are some benefits…

  • Less clogging: This is not to say that seamless gutters do not clog – all gutters without a gutter guard like the GutterDome® will clog. However, with fewer joints and seams, there is less to catch leaves and twigs, causing eventual clogs.
  • Less leaking: Fewer seams means fewer seam leaks develop. Joints on seamless gutters are only at the downspouts and corners along your roof, instead of that plus along the length of the gutter itself, so there are fewer places for seam leaks to happen.
  • Less maintenance: Since seamless gutters are made-to-measure, they will fit your home and/or structure perfectly. They are also attached more firmly to the roof and fascia, therefore being stronger and less prone to damage. Both of these factors result in less maintenance and a longer life with seamless gutters.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to choose seamless gutters, all gutters are vulnerable to clogging and cleaning hassles unless you invest in a gutter guard system too. Contact #1 roofing company in Tacoma, WA for a free quote on the installation of the award-winning GutterDome® gutter guard system!

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