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Gutter Solutions Northwest offers more to homeowners than just the Gutter Dome® gutter guard system – we also help improve the quality of your roof with roofing solutions like MetalWorks®. We stand behind products like these because we have found them to bring great benefit to homeowners.

Here are some of the advantages of steel shingles for roofing:


While typical asphalt shingles for roofs need to be replaced every 12-20 years, metal shingles – and especially steel shingles – are far more durable. Asphalt and wood shingles begin to deteriorate almost as soon as they are installed, by way of the weather conditions and ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, steel shingles withstand all of these things for 50 years or more – that’s why most metal roofing manufacturers offer warranties of that length. The warranty for MetalWorks® steel shingles is a 25-year full start warranty with limited coverage up to 50 years.


People may initially think of shiny silver-colored steel, but there is much more variety for steel shingles. With MetalWorks® shingles, you can choose from three different textures – slate, tile, or wood – and dozens of colors. The shingles look just like other roofing materials, but have the durability and cost savings of steel.


In the reduction of asphalt waste alone, steel shingles provide huge savings for the environment. Billions of pounds of asphalt from shingles are discarded in landfills each year, so reducing that waste by using steel shingles instead makes a big difference on the health of the planet. Additionally, steel shingles are highly recyclable, with approximately 56% recycled content. All metal roofs are also better at insulating your home, which reduces your home’s use of energy to heat or cool.


With a steel-shingled roof, your heating and air conditioning bills are reduced. Another cost-savings benefit of steel shingles is that you may never have to re-roof your home again (just like never having to clean your gutters again after installing a Gutter Dome® system)! The maintenance costs for sustaining a metal roof are almost non-existent – just hose it down every now and then. And, a roof with steel shingles can add to your home’s re-sale value.

Steel shingles like those manufactured under Tamko’s MetalWorks® technology are great for any home, in any climate.Contact us to get a free estimate on MetalWorks® steel shingles for your home!

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