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Has your roof fallen apart to the point where it no longer protects your home properly? No matter how well you care for your roof or how durable it might be, any roof will eventually need to be replaced. Even the best roof can only repel the forces of nature for so long, and that means eventually you’ll find that problems accumulate to the point where a full roof replacement becomes necessary. At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, we offer effective, dependable, and high-quality roof replacement services in Auburn and throughout the entire SeaTac metro area.

Gutter & Roof Solutions NW is proud to be a GAF Master Elite™ Certified Contractor, meaning we hold our services to a higher standard. Not only are we manufacturer-trained on GAF products in order to utilize them to their fullest, but we know these product lines inside and out and offer superior installation services for all situations. We have a great selection of roofing products that will match the style you’re looking for, and we offer great customer service that puts your satisfaction first.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? A simple leak or damaged shingle here or there is no reason to completely throw out your entire roof… or is it? Roof damage can often be subtle, and it’s generally best to have your roof inspected by a professional who can advise you as to its true condition. At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, we offer honest and thorough inspections to help you keep your home protected and give you peace of mind with whatever you need.

You might need to replace your roof if any of the following are true:

  • Your roof shows significant hail damage
  • Your roof is leaking in multiple locations
  • Your roof materials are significantly rotted due to moisture
  • Your roof has grown an abundance of mold or mildew
  • Your roof is visibly warped
  • Your roof is missing numerous shingles or tiles
  • Your roof has outlived its expected lifespan for its current materials

When was the last time your roof was replaced? For asphalt shingle roofs, you can reasonably expect your roof to last around 15 to 20 years, so long as you keep it in good condition and it doesn’t sustain major damage from a serious storm. For tile roofs, that number extends to around 30 to 40 years, especially if you take care of any leaks or other minor problems before they become a major issue. Repairing your roof quickly can help prolongs its life and prevent you from having to replace your roof any sooner than necessary.

How to Prepare for Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof is exciting -- your house will look great and it can be fun observing the process as our expert roofers in Auburn rip up the old roof and make it good as new. Keep in mind that your home will become the “working area” when our team arrives, so below are some tips on how to prepare for your roof replacement or installation.

Following these tips will ensure that the installation of your new roof will be stress-free, seamless, and that you and your family will be safe!

Remove Decorations on the Wall

Replacing or installing a new roof may cause vibrations in your walls during the process. This is normal! If you have any precious items hanging on your walls, be sure to remove them before the installation to prevent them from falling and getting damaged -- this includes mirrors, works of art, framed photos, etc.

Consider the Safety of Your Children and Pets

When your roof is being replaced, your home will temporarily become a somewhat hazardous job site. If you have children, make sure that they understand that construction will be happening, so they will most likely hear a lot of loud noises. Also let them know that certain areas of the house will not be accessible. If your children are too young to understand what is going on or you are unable to safely secure your pets during the work, it is advisable to have your children and pets stay with friends or family until the roof is completely installed.

Organize Your Yard

Ensure that your yards (front and back) are clear and organized. For example, removing any toys, furniture, barbecue grills, etc. This ensures that there are no items blocking the roofers’ way and that your things will not be damaged. If you do not have space to store your outdoor items, at least put them in one place in the yard, away from where the roofers will be working.

Protect Items In Your Attic

If you have an attic, be aware that when the roofers work and walk on your house, it may cause some debris and dust to fall into your attic. Try covering your items to protect them from dirt. If there are items that are particularly fragile, it may be a good idea to remove them from the attic and into a different room while the roof is being replaced.

Do Some Yardwork

If you have large trees around your home, especially ones with branches that are obstructing the roof, it is best to trim those branches so they are not in the way of our Auburn roofers. Consider cutting your grass as well -- it will simply make it easier to find and clear away any debris or nails that may fall on the ground.

Clear Your Roof

If you have any antennas, satellite dishes, old holiday decorations and lights, please remove them before roof installation. If you are unable to do it on your own, we may be able to help as well -- inform our team when making the roof installation appointment!

Know Where Your Power Outlets Are

Our Auburn roof installation specialists will need access to your power outlets. Be sure that any outside outlets and garage outlets are easily accessible. Have an extension cord handy in case! If it does get used, make sure that it is in a place with little foot traffic to ensure that no one trips over it or gets injured.

Secure Your Windows

The vibrations from roof installation may also affect your windows. Debris may fall from the roof and damage your windows -- consider covering your windows with boards until the old roof is completely stripped and removed.

Notify Your Neighbors

Installing or replacing a roof can be noisy. Let you neighbors know that work will be done on your roof so that they are aware and can prepare if need be.

Call Roof Replacement Experts in Auburn at (800) 889-6944

Now that you know how to prepare for some roof installation, get in touch with skilled roof installation experts in Auburn at Gutter & Roof Solutions NW. We’re backed by years of experience and are ready to help you! If you are in the Auburn, Tacoma, or Seattle area, we are here for you! Call (800) 889-6944 today.

If your roof has fallen into disrepair and needs to be replaced, reach out to Gutter & Roof Solutions NW for a solution today! Contact us for more information about our roofing installation services.

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