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Residential Roof Installation

Your Reliable Local Residential Roofing Contractor in Auburn, WA

Residential Roof Installation Auburn, WA

Any type of work you have to place in someone else’s hands can be a risky venture.

When that work includes performing tasks at a considerable height, you must be entirely certain that you work with a company that follows all safety precautions.

Replacing an existing roof or installing a new one can be a challenge. 

There are so many parameters involved in this process, that you simply can’t leave it to inexperienced roofing contractors. 

Some of these parameters concern you, the residential homeowner, and some concern the residential roofing contractor in Auburn:

  • Finding the right roofing materials
  • Adhering to local building codes
  • Ensuring that your new roof fits your building’s structure
  • Staying within your fixed budget throughout the roofing process
  • And more.

Gutter & Roof Solutions NW is the residential roofing contractor you want to work with. We take residential roof installation needs seriously. 

When you decide to entrust us with a roof repair in Auburn, the first thing that we’ll do is take you through the process step by step and carry out a complete roof restoration that meets all your needs. 

Read more below to learn about our roof installation services in Auburn.

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​Our Roof Installation Process

Every residential roofing contractor and gutter company takes pride in the way they perform the roofing service.  

But there are certain requirements that all these roofing service providers must meet. Failing to meet one requirement may result in frequent roof repairs.

A correct roof installation will ensure optimal protection and energy efficiency for your residential building. You’ll see these benefits on your energy bills.

And if your residential roofing contractor has chosen the right roofing materials, offering you a guarantee of their quality, then you have optimized the lifespan of your new roof.

At Gutter & Roof Solutions NW, your residential roofing contractor, we adhere to all of your specifications and desired results while utilizing a tried-and-true roof installation process. 

We communicate with you throughout the roof installation to keep you updated on our progress. In case we find any issues, we will make recommendations and get your input on major decisions.


Initial Consultation

The starting point of our working together is the initial consultation. 

You can make an appointment on our website or call us.


  • DETERMINE the project requirements and outcomes with you
  • WILL LOOK at the roofing options at hand and help you make an informed decision
  • DRAW UP a project schedule that takes into account your budget             


Starting With the Roof Installation

Now we need to acquire the material, and we can start installing your new roof!

How long the roof installation will take depends on several factors, including the roofing materials, whether or not you have an old roof that we need to remove, the type of roof decking you have, and the size of your home.

Installing materials such as natural slate or concrete tile can take as long as nine days.

A flat roofing or asphalt shingle installation will take a day or two.



After we have installed your new roof, we will clean your property thoroughly, removing excess building materials, dust, product packaging, and other debris that may be lying around. 

We will leave your home spotless because we value it.


Your Feedback Matters

We sincerely value the thoughts of our customers on any roofing projects we’ve completed for them. If you are not completely happy with the end result, then we won’t rest until we get the job right.

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Gutter & Roof Solutions NW Specializes in Roof Installation Services

Gutter & Roof Solutions NW offers  roof replacements and routine maintenance services for our clients.

Let us keep your roof in the best possible condition.

As a locally owned and operated roofing company, we have thorough knowledge of all regional building codes. We use only the best roofing materials in the country.

Schedule a professional roof installation, repair, or maintenance service with us today!

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Hire a Team of Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

Our mission at Roof Solutions NW is to offer peace of mind for Western Washington families utilizing lifetime roofing systems.

Oh and our warranties have a backbone and teeth, not loopholes. When we say it's covered, you can take it to the bank!

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