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In the Greater Seattle area and Puget Sound region, we get an average of about 40 inches of rain per year. Rainfall means more than just water running over your roof – it also means more lush organic waste. When living in the Pacific Northwest with gutters, we have a slightly different experience with clogged gutters than many other regions around Washington State and the rest of the nation.

Although we don’t get as much rainfall as out-of-towners think we do (it’s not always rainy and gray), the amount that we do get creates very fertile vegetation. Leaves, pine needles, and other organic debris is constantly landing on your roof and being washed into your gutters. This organic waste is added to by moss growing in the wet conditions. Finally, rainfall packs these elements into a thick clog that prevents rainwater from traveling through your gutter and downspout system as it should.

All of these elements affect how Northwest homeowners have to manage their gutters, in the following ways…



With all of that debris and water clogging your gutters, you will need to clean them a minimum of once per year. If you have trees near your home, your cleaning frequency will most likely need to be several times each year. The more frequently you need to clean your gutters, the higher the risks and dangers, as we outlined in our last blog post.


Repair & Replacement

With all of the junk traveling through your gutters and clogging them again and again, this escalates the need to repair and/or replace your gutters. If they are leaking or pulling away from the roof because of loose nails, they may need replacement. And if your gutters are rusted or have holes, they need to be replaced.


Gutter Lifetime

Steel gutters can last up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance, particularly if they never (or rarely) have standing water in them. With a gutter guard system, you can exponentially increase and ensure the safety and effectiveness of your gutters.

A gutter guard system – such as ValorGutterGuards® from Gutter Solutions NW – will eliminate the need to ever clean your gutters again. Additionally, since the ValorGutterGuard® protects your gutters against clogs and damage, your need to repair and/or replace the gutters is significantly reduced. Contact Gutter Solutions NW today to get a free quote on your ValorGutterGuard® gutter guard system.
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