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The Valor® Gutter Guard system is rated number-one for the best product in value and performance for gutter protection. It has won awards, received glowing reviews, and is arguably the highest-quality and best-performing gutter protection system available.

With its unique design and technology, the Valor gutter guard works to prevent gutter clogs by keeping debris from entering the gutter using high tech S -formation screens. Leaves, pine needles, roof grit, seed pods, and other organic materials slip off the gutter when the Valor is attached. Even if materials land on top of the Valor, it is installed at a slant so that heavy rainfall will wash any debris away easily. Meanwhile, rainwater easily drains through the Valor mesh screen to travel easily back to the ground.

No more gutter cleaning, ever again!
It’s a fairly simple system, with powerful results. The surgical grade stainless steel wire mesh covering the Valor Gutter Guard frame is what keeps leaves and other organic waste from entering the gutter.

Valor’s innovative technology has the S form mesh mounted on an aluminum frame, which siphons rainwater into your gutter system. This frame is made to shed all the debris off while funneling the water effortlessly down the gutter system.

Valor is installed right up under the edge of your roof shingles to completely block twigs and all other materials from entering the gutter and creating a clog. The installation of the Valor Gutter Guard System will not disturb your roofing or require removal of shingles, but it will seamlessly align with the roof to keep debris out of your gutters. It will also not void your roof warranty.
With the Valor gutter protection system, your gutters will be clear of clutter, the system will prevent gutter clogs, and you will never need to climb a ladder to clean the gutters again!

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