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Recently on the Gutter Solutions NW blog, we published a post about the various types of gutters. Your choice for gutter shape, size and material is usually going to be based on durability and/or aesthetics. This week, we’d like to go a step further in your gutter-education and explain how the different gutter shapes work…


Half-round or U-shaped gutters are shaped the way they are to allow for an arched construction. This allows rainwater and melting snow to travel down with gravity to the downspout and away from your home. Copper and aluminum are popular materials for half-round gutters. The look of the U-shaped gutter gives a more old fashioned look to a home, and it’s often used for restoration of old homes and even in new construction that is designed with a vintage style.



Also referred to as ‘ogee’ gutters, K-shaped gutters have become the classic modern choice for residential rain gutters. This gutter shape is flat on the bottom and back, which rests against the home’s fascia board. The outer edge is K-shaped (which gets the gutter its name), and tapers or s-curves out to the wider top edge. A smaller K-shaped gutter will actually drain just as much water as a half-round gutter, because the design of the shape allows water to move more rapidly down the gutter and out the downspout. K-shaped/ogee gutters are usually made from stainless or galvanized steel, vinyl, copper, plastic, or aluminum.



Square or box gutters are normally used only in commercial construction, for flat-roofed buildings. These gutters are often much larger and longer, for industrial-sized rainwater distribution off of commercial building roofs and away from the structures.

Not to worry – whatever your gutter shape or type, the GutterDome® gutter guard system can easily be installed on your existing gutters. Please contact Gutter Solutions NW for a free quote for GutterDome® on your rain gutters.

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