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For several years now, Gutter & Roof Solutions NW has held an exclusive dealer status to sell and install the top gutter guard system, the GutterDome®. In the past couple of years, we expanded our services and products to include the quality MetalWorks® steel shingles. Like the superior product quality of the GutterDome®, MetalWorks® steel shingles are a high-caliber product for residential roofing.

Here are just some of the benefits of the MetalWorks® steel shingles:

  • Enhanced performance. The MetalWorks® steel shingles have a four-way locking technology for an augmented roofing system. They are each coated with a special system that resists aging from dirt and environmental elements. Despite being metal, the shingles are actually quite lightweight when compared with traditional roofing materials.
  • Superior strength. MetalWorks® shingles are made with G-90 steel construction, which is recognized industry-wide as the standard in strength for steel roofing. These painted galvanized steel roofing products contribute to a very long life for your roof.
  • Energy efficient. Not only are the shingles 100 percent recyclable and crafted from 50 percent recycled materials, they are Energy Star® qualified to help homeowners reduce their home cooling costs. MetalWorks® steel shingles are also listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), which designates them with high solar reflectance performance and ‘Cool Roof’ status.
  • Style variety. Available in tile-, slate- and even wood-styled designs, each MetalWorks® shingle is available in several colors. In addition to the variety of colors and styles already available for MetalWorks®, we can work with the manufacturer behind MetalWorks®, TAMKO, for custom color matching.
  • Aesthetic appeal. The MetalWorks® StoneCrest® Slate shingles imitates the look of natural slate shingles, with dramatic texture and traditional appeal. StoneCrest® Tile shingles, however, look clean-lined and uniform with added solar reflectance performance to acquire notable cool roof characteristics. And the AstonWood® shingles replicate the natural wood shingle look without the upkeep and maintenance required to keep wood roofing preserved.

MetalWorks® shingles also come with a 50-year warranty with 25-year sure start. Contact the best roofer in Tacoma, WA today for a free consultation for your MetalWorks® steel roofing system!

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