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After the wet, windy, wintry weather we experienced over the last season, and now that springtime rains will give way to summer sunshine, many homeowners are looking at their clogged gutters with dread – and not just because it’s a messy job. There are several dangers of cleaning gutters; not the least of which being the risk of falling from a high ladder and getting injured.

Here are some of the most significant and common dangers of cleaning gutters…

  • Ladder Stability: The ladder is the first – and most important – safety concern and risk when cleaning gutters. Even if your gutters are just one story off of the ground, that is still far enough to cause severe injuries if you fall. Many homeowners do not use ladders that are long enough to set far enough back from the house to keep it stable, thus increasing their risk of danger.
  • Tool Quality & Maintenance: Poor maintenance of your ladder and other cleaning tools can lead to a catastrophic accident. Without appropriate care, ladders can break or become less stable. If your garden hose (for rinsing the gutters after cleaning) is in disrepair or tangled, you could place yourself at risk for harm – should you have to struggle with the hose from the top of the ladder, fight with the nozzle for the appropriate water pressure, etc. While tools like a rope and bucket can be helpful to keep your hands free, they can also cause dangerous problems if they get scrambled with the ladder or other equipment.
  • Electrical Safety: This is a lesser-thought-of risk of cleaning gutters. If you accidentally disturb or grab electrical wiring near your gutters or roof, you could electrocute yourself to cause anything from minor pain to severe injuries. Should you grasp electrical cords in attempt to stop a fall, the risk of injury increases.
  • Hazardous Elements: Mold, spores, animal feces and other bacteria can be present in your gutters, posing significant risks to your health. If you touch, inhale, or come in contact with these hazardous elements while cleaning your gutters, you could acquire a serious illness.

Gutter cleaning is a dangerous and quite unpleasant task for any homeowner. To keep your gutters clean, and avoid ever having to clean them again, contact Gutter & Roof Solutions NW in Tacoma, WA. We have an exclusive ability in the Greater Seattle region to install the dynamic GutterDome® gutter protection system. You won’t ever have to risk your safety by cleaning gutters again!

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