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So you’ve already got your window and lawn decorations set up, but did you know there are a ton of options to decorate your gutters and roof for Halloween? Here are a few of our favorites from over the years:

Gutter Ghost

Want to involve your downspout in the Halloween fun? This fabric and plastic ghost attaches to your gutters using gutter clips and runs all the way down your downspout and is staked to your yard. It even recharges through a solar panel and lights up at night!

Pumpkin Lights

Why do Christmas lights get all the love? Adding a fun and bright element to your gutters with pumpkin LED lights can help add that extra dimension to your Halloween scene. Or, try switching out your existing string of Christmas lights with orange bulbs!

Spider webs

Those big, oversized bags of fake spider webbing can come in handy when you’ve got a big roof or chimney. Try spreading the web out over a large section of your roof, across a dormer, or even down the eaves to maximize the effect.


Complete the eerie spider web decoration with fake spiders! Use a lot of little ones to make sure trick or treaters can see them or you can make a large one out of black garbage bags and extra leaves.

Skeleton Roofers

If you’ve got an older roof or want to draw attention to your old one, getting a few skeleton roofs on the job might do the trick! You can find convincing ones online or at a Halloween store, but here’s a great way to make them out of old milk jugs!

Is your roof scary enough without decoration? Does the idea of climbing the ladder to peer into your gutters frighten you? Gutter Solutions Northwest can help, either before or after Halloween season! Contact us today!

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